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200 Club

The St James's Montefiore Cricket Club 200 Club is one of the major fundraising vehicles for the club. It has been running since the mid 1980’s when the club first found its way to the current ground. It has grown over the years from less than 100 numbers to the current figure of around 250 numbers. The cost is £1.00 per month per number and for that you get a chance of winning one of the three monthly prizes of £25.00, £15.00 or £10.00. There is also a ‘major prize’ of £250.00 drawn once a year, normally at the ‘men's dinner’ at the end of March.

The 200 Club contributes over £2000.00 a year to club funds and its continued success is down to the growing membership but it could always be better! There are a number of people who hold 5 or more numbers (costing them £5.00 per month or a pint and a half) and they give themselves more opportunities to win one of the prizes.

To join the 200 Club you need to complete a standing order authority and send it to the 200 Club secretary Peter Masters. .... download the standing order authority here.

Recent Winners

DatePrize ValueWinner
1st£25R Watkins
April 20142nd£15Mrs V Prentice
3rd£10J Dougal
1st£25P Masters
March 20142nd£15Mrs D Pickering
3rd£10G Barclay
1st£25Miss L Taylor
February 20142nd£15D Laing
3rd£10R Howard
1st£25Mrs M Carpenter
January 20142nd£15P Masters
3rd£10Mrs G Dawson
1st£25D Critchley
December 20132nd£15C Voller
3rd£10T Hutchison
1st£25G Martin
November 20132nd£15J Clewlow
3rd£10Miss L Taylor
1st£25M Rickson
October 20132nd£15Mrs A Harrison
3rd£10E Hart
1st£25H Sandie
September 20132nd£15G Barclay
3rd£10A Kydd
1st£25Mrs W Masters
August 20132nd£15D Reddick
3rd£10P Dilloway
1st£25E Hart
July 20132nd£15J Clewlow
3rd£10B Green
1st£25J Skeet
June 20132nd£15G Smith
3rd£10K Watkins
1st£25Mrs D Pickering
May 20132nd£15Mrs D Pickering
3rd£10Mrs J Martin
April 2013Major Prize£250H Sandie
1st£25G Martin
April 20132nd£15P Ward-Lee
3rd£10C Harrison
1st£25G Smith
March 20132nd£15N Sharp
3rd£10Mrs R Moore
1st£25R Howard
February 20132nd£15C Luff
3rd£10J Hawkins
1st£25H Sandie
January 20132nd£15R Redbourn
3rd£10G Bowles
1st£25C Voller
December 20122nd£15Mrs S Gardner
3rd£10Miss L Taylor
1st£25Mrs W Masters
November 20122nd£15G Smith
3rd£10B Green
1st£25P Masters
October 20122nd£15J Hawkins
3rd£10G Martin
1st£25R Howard
September 20122nd£15B Vary
3rd£10Mrs S Boon
1st£25A Kydd
August 20122nd£15C Voller
3rd£10M Roberts
1st£25M Woodward
July 20122nd£15G Benjamin
3rd£10M Whitlock
1st£25Mrs D Pickering
June 20122nd£15G Barclay
3rd£10J Bowd
1st£25A Sweetman
May 20122nd£15G Martin
3rd£10H Sandie
April 2012Major Prize£250Mrs R Moore
1st£25R Redbourn
April 20122nd£15P Dilloway
3rd£10J Bowd
1st£25A Kydd
March 20122nd£15M Roberts
3rd£10I O'Mahony
1st£25S Edmonds
February 20122nd£15J Clewlow
3rd£10B Green
1st£25G Benjamin
January 20122nd£15P Masters
3rd£10D Laing
1st£25E Hart
December 20112nd£15G Smith
3rd£10J Hawkins
1st£25Mrs R Moore
November 20112nd£15K Schofield
3rd£10G Barclay
1st£25Mrs S Boon
October 20112nd£15G Benjamin
3rd£10J Rattle
1st£25G Martin
September 20112nd£15Mrs W Masters
3rd£10A Kydd
1st£25Mrs S Skeet
August 20112nd£15P Masters
3rd£10G Johnson
1st£25Mrs W Masters
July 20112nd£15M Woodward
3rd£10H Taylor
1st£25J Bushell
June 20112nd£15N Wilson
3rd£10R Lintott
1st£25M Whitlock
May 20112nd£15Mrs R Moore
3rd£10A McKechnie
April 2011Major Prize£250C Sims
1st£25R Piper
April 20112nd£15H Taylor
3rd£10R Watkins
1st£25G Martin
March 20112nd£15Mrs J Martin
3rd£10C Sims
1st£25K Watkins
February 20112nd£15A Sweetman
3rd£10K Schofield
1st£25G Heath
January 20112nd£15D Laing
3rd£10Mrs J Martin